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Early-stage News surfaces milestones and other updates from early-stage startups and side-projects

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Last week's updates

Eariously welcomed its 200th waitlist signup

Pushup Hero - Track pushups and set goals (new launch)

SlimPlanner is now integrated with Google Calendar

First tools and growth hacks were sent to Matt's Growth Tools subscribers

PDFShift just passed 500 users

HTTP Toolkit reached 150 signups

Kapwing raised $1.7M from KPCB, Shasta, Sinai, ZhenFund

Canvas168 is live with Canvas No.1

Idea Crunch - Copy successful business ideas that haven't been launched in your country (new launch)

Formcarry has reached over 2500 members

Amio.io released their JS chatbot builder

Violet has opened its beta waitlist

AllMyGames launched a new service to unify cross-platform game collections

Knot has 130 early subscribers

opeNode.io is launching Traceify, a new logging system for web apps

Geek Beholder has launched its first version

Gifts Done doubled its user base from July 1 to July 31

Vocal registered a trademark

Bookman - Read books via email (new launch)

Alerts for CC changed their CSS

Made for makers

Early-stage News

Articles and interviews highlighting early-stage startups and side-projects


Acquiring a similar business

WordXPress - Wordpress maintenance platform

Adding the most requested feature

Starfish - Wordpress review plugin

Positioning Your Product To A Tiny Audience

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Made for makers

Early-stage News

Articles and interviews highlighting early-stage startups and side-projects


Building An Insurance Company For Freelance Creatives

Made for makers

Startup news is all about funding, million/billion dollar valuations and acquisitions, right?
What about other milestones a startup hits in its journey? (Getting the first 100 users, generating revenue, adding new features)

At Early-stage News. we don't consider a milestone to be small or insignificant. We send a weekly newsletter with launch, milestone, feature and other updates from early-stage startups and side-projects

“Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” - Biz Stone, Co-founder @twitter

Made for makers

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Made for makers

You work tirelessly to get your idea off the ground and when you hit a milestone that is special to you, considering where you started from, you're let down because you read startup stories revolving around these topics:
'Theranoz attained unicorn status'
'Y Messenger bagged millions of $$$ in funding'
'Don't Jump Bikes has been acquired by a silicon valley tech giant'
and you feel your milestone isn't good enough to be made known to
the world.

Isn't there a startup news platform where you can let the world know about a milestone (that is different from the conventional stories) that your startup hit recently?

There is,now!

At Early-stage News we'll be equally excited to read milestones like:
"Hey! My startup got its first 100 users"
"My side-project is now profitable"
"I finally launched a side-project"

We consider no milestone to be small or insignificant. If you're working on an early-stage startup or a side-project, send us a milestone your project hit recently.

Why, you ask?
1.) You keep users, fans, startup enthusiasts, VCs and other makers updated on your project's progress.
2.) You stay motivated (and accountable) to keep shipping and moving forward

A milestone update is a headline (11 words or lesser) which links to a specific URL of your choice and looks something like this:

Pied Piper hit 500 users in 10 days after launch

Made for makers